Episode 308 - The Decision to Disclose

Disclosing a disability at work is a personal decision but one that can benefit the worker and employer

A conversation about the decision to disclose a disability to your employer

In this episode of Work in Progress, I’ve brought together a group of experts to discuss the challenges faced by people with disabilities in finding meaningful employment, advancing in their careers, and the importance of creating inclusive workplaces. The discussion centers on how disclosing a disability and seeking a reasonable accommodation can be a difficult decision, one that has a profound impact.

“Progress has been made, but certainly not enough has been done,” says Wendi Safstrom, president of the SHRM Foundation – addressing the fears and misconceptions that employers may have about hiring individuals with disabilities.

She notes, “The more we can get HR professionals to learn and listen to one another in terms of some of the opportunities that they’ve had getting people [with disabilities] into their organizations and some of the great experiences they’ve had working with individuals who have disabilities, I think are a great way to really amplify that particular message. That’s why we’re continue to be committed to this kind of work across all of our untapped pools of talent.”

In this episode, you’ll hear from:

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Episode 308: A Discussion Around the Decision to Disclose a Disability at Work
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