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On the ground at the big education, tech, and work conference

WorkingNation joins the 3,000 attendees at the big ASU+GSV Summit. We'll let you know what we're hearing!

The ASU+GSV Summit brings together the best and brightest minds at the intersection of education, technology, and work, with a focus on the new efforts underway to ensure everyone has equal access to participate in the future.

This year’s three-day conference kicks off Monday in San Diego, and, once again, WorkingNation is proud to be a collaborating partner with the conference. We’re hosting a number of panels and sharing with you some of the conversations we’re having on-the-scene through our original social media interview series, WorkingNation Overheard.

Keep an eye on our Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram channels and watch for the #WorkingNationOverheard and #ASUGSVSummit hashtags to find out what speakers and attendees are telling us about new solutions to today’s workforce challenges.

WE’RE Speaking Live at the ASU+GSV!  

We’re hosting a couple of important discussions and helping out on a third one.

The green economy is growing and has been identified as one of the five economies expected to lead the post-pandemic jobs recovery. So what does this mean for the millions of job seekers trying to find their way back into the workforce? WorkingNation is hosting a panel that examines the skills needed to get a good-paying green job and where to find those jobs.

We’ve brought together an amazing line-up of panelists, including our own president Jane Oates, to share this important information.

We’re also screening our short documentary The Middle: Indianapolis, the centerpiece of our most recent digital magazine, followed by a discussion about the important role education plays in preparing people with the skills they need to achieve a middle-class lifestyle throughout the country.

WorkingNation’s executive producer Melissa Panzer takes part in that discussion and is joined onstage by a distinguished group of thought leaders who’ve agreed to share their thoughts on how education is key to economic mobility and job security.

WorkingNation’s editor-in-chief Ramona Schindelheim moderates a panel for our friends at New Profit about the next steps in their Future of Work Grand Challenge. The equity-focused effort aims to rapidly reskill 25,000 displaced workers into higher-wage jobs over the next two years. We’ll dig in on how to activate a local community and its leaders to create a good jobs pipeline.

Be In The Room Where It Happens, Or Close to It

We hope to see you there, but if you’re not in San Diego, we want you to feel like you’re in the room where it happens.

See what we’re up to on Twitter, LinkedIn,  YouTube, and Instagram at @WorkingNation and follow the hashtags #WorkingNationOverheard and #ASUGSVSummit.

And check back here at later this week for a recap of the all the action taking place at the ASU+GSV Summit.