Sustainable asphalt is building better roads by recycling the old ones

Construction jobs can be green. Here's two you should take a closer look at.

Michelle Dronet works as a quality assurance administrator for Blacklidge Emulsions, Inc. in Gulfport, Mississippi. Blacklidge is an advanced asphalt emulsion company that builds durable, safe, and smooth roads with cutting-edge, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly asphalt.

“I am basically the [Department of Transportation] liaison between any government agencies and our company,” says Dronet. “I ensure we remain in compliance, our product stays in spec, so we can fulfill our customers with quality products at all times.”

Quality assurance administrators like Dronet may also perform tasks such as writing letters to engineers in order to get new products approved. The median annual wage for quality assurance administrator is $48,923, and the field is projected to grow 1% from 2018 to 2028, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Quality assurance administrator roles typically do not require a degree.

Latasha McCullar serves as Blacklidge’s vice president of operations. “On a daily basis, I oversee four departments: One is the research and development department, the manufacturing facilities, the terminals, as well as the tanker prep team,” says McCullar. “In the military, I had the opportunity to serve as company commander… I bring that same leadership, that same passion, over to Blacklidge.”

A vice president of operations ensures that a company’s operational procedures are sustainable and profitable, and the role also involves coordinating with managers across multiple departments to make sure all departments are operating smoothly and are on track to meet the company’s goals. The median annual wage for a vice president of operations is $163,076, with employment projected to grow 6% from 2018 to 2028, according to the BLS.

A vice president of operations typically requires a bachelor’s degree, and some employers prefer to hire those who have a master’s degree.

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