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Tag: Student Debt

Improve your college game plan with these 5 rules

Having a game plan is essential for making informed decisions about postsecondary education. Instead of leaving their financial independence to chance, potential students should...

It’s come to this: Game show pays off grads’ student loans

This Friday the 13th, there might not be a scarier threat than the $1.5 trillion in student debt shackling American workers. Fear not, there's a...

ACT Panel: Sweeping educational changes needed for today’s workforce

Closing the skills gap and reskilling the workforce will require sweeping changes to our educational system WorkingNation's Jane Oates said at the ACT Policy...

To reach “stranded” working adults, California will create online-only community college

A new online-only community college that will reach out to millions of "stranded" working Californians was announced by Gov. Jerry Brown in his final...

Feds Begin Crackdown on Schools With Unmanageable Student Debt

Is it too much to ask for students to be able to get the education they need to get a good-paying job at a reasonable price? No, says...