The Table: Veterans and Work

Bridging the civilian-military divide to ensure all veterans find good jobs
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Throughout November, WorkingNation has brought you scores of articles, videos, podcasts, and op-eds, all looking at the struggles that many U.S. military veterans face as they enter the civilian workforce after their time serving our country.

More than 200,000 veterans make the transition to civilian life each year. Finding a good job is a key part of successfully making that transition.

There are many hurdles — veterans unable to effectively communicate how their military skills translate into the private sector, employers not understanding the value of those skills in their company, and veterans lacking credentials to land a highly sought-after job, and veterans simply not knowing how to access employment resources available to them.

There are many hurdles, but there are also solutions.

On November 22, WorkingNation brought together a remarkable group of business and education leaders — some veterans, some not — to discuss ways in which we can eliminate these and other barriers to veterans getting in-demand and meaningful jobs.

Wide shot of panelists at The Table: Veteran’s in High Growth Jobs
Panelists at The Table: Veteran and Work (Source: WorkingNation)

The result is The Table: Veterans and Work, a roundtable conversation moderated by Ron Insana, respected business journalist and CNBC contributor, and taped before a live audience at Howard University in Washington, D.C.

Taking part in the discussion were:

  • Carol Eggert, SVP of Military and Veteran Affairs, Comcast NBCUniversal; Army Brigadier General (Ret.)
  • Fernando Snowden-Lorence, VP of Corporate Responsibility, JPMorgan Chase; Marine veteran
  • James Banks, General Counsel, Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM); Army veteran
  • Patrick McKenna, Founder, HighRidge Ventures; Army veteran
  • Brandon Busteed, President, University Partners & Global Head, Learn-Work Innovation at Kaplan
  • Stuart Ruffin, Director of Operations, North Carolina for Military Employment (NC4ME)

Today, as we continue to observe Veterans and Military Families Month on, we want to give you a peek at The Table: Veterans and Work.

In this segment, our panelists discuss bridging the civilian-military divide in the workplace. They look at how veterans can get credit for what they learned in the military in civilian jobs, how businesses can make the job requirements clearer, how companies should be looking more at what people can do and not their education level, and how we can make all of this clearer to veterans so they know what jobs to look for once they leave the military.

We will be bringing you much more of this insightful and thoughtful discussion in the coming weeks.

The Table: Veterans and Work was made possible by the generous financial support of JPMorgan Chase, Comcast NBCUniversal, and the Clint Eastwood Family Foundation.

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