Tulsa’s tech community is connecting health care and data analytics entrepreneurs to capital

Part 4: The focus on tech startups in in-demand industries is attracting new businesses

What does it take to reinvent a community, revive a local economy, and reinvigorate a workforce? In this five-part Work in Progress podcast series – Destination Tulsa: Tech Hub in the Heartland – we look at how Tulsa, Oklahoma, is embracing in-demand tech industries to do just that. At the heart of the effort is a strong foundation of education, entrepreneurship, health care tech, energy tech, and cybersecurity.

Startups are thriving in Tulsa, thanks to a concerted effort to incubate promising entrepreneurial ideas. In this fourth episode of Destination Tulsa: Tech Hub in the Heartland, we look at two key areas of economic growth in the town health care and data analytics. The Tulsa tech community likes to say big things require a shared vision and collective action. It’s evident in how industry leaders and venture funders are coming together to create initiatives that are supporting groundbreaking technology creating better health outcomes, not just in Tulsa but around the country. That same financial support is building new data analytics firms, one of which is on a mission to change the way that data is used when it comes to privacy issues.

In this episode, you’ll hear from:

  • William Booker, chief technology officer, Babel Analytics on how the Tulsa tech infrastructure helped support their nascent health care tech company, which is now helping detect rare eye diseases in children
  • Shawna Khouri, virtual health manager, Tulsa Innovation Labs on the Canopy consortium that is closing the gap between academic research and business opportunities
  • William Paiva, managing partner, Oklahoma Life Sciences Fund on the surge of venture funding for health care entrepreneurs
  • Chase Curtiss, founder and CEO, Sway Medical on the intersection of health care and data analytics
  • Aaron Bean, managing partner, Asemio on a Tulsa-based social app designed to provide data to government and nonprofits without violating the privacy of the user

You can listen to the full conversation here, or look for the Work in Progress podcast wherever you get your podcasts.

Destination Tulsa: Tech Hub in the Heartland is made possible by the support of Tulsa Innovation Labs.

Episode 222: Destination Tulsa – Health Care and Data Analytics
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