Over 50? Looking for a change? Check out these three jobs…

Over 50 and looking for a new job? Encore.org just put together of three life-changing jobs that are available right now.|Over 50 and looking for a new job? Encore.org just put together of three life-changing jobs that are available right now.

Joe Konopka didn’t think he could be one of the millions of middle-aged men who are out of work.

He had the education, the status and the stability of a long industrious career. His job in academia was secure because it couldn’t be off-shored or automated.

But in 2016, the 51-year-old was called down to the office. What followed was a life-changing moment, as his identity was suddenly stripped away. His services would no longer be needed.

“The first 15 minutes after I was let go, it was complete and utter shock,” Konopka said.

Joe and his story are the subject of our short documentary, When Finding Your Job is the Job — part of our Do Something Awesome series. We don’t want to spoil the ending for you if you haven’t watched the video above yet, but Joe does find a solution that he shares.

From Joe’s example, we see first hand how losing your job or changing jobs at or after 50 years old doesn’t have to be a death sentence for your career. In fact, we regularly hear of life-changing opportunities for workers like Joe, and possibly you.

If that sounds like you, and you are looking for a new job that will not only change your career but will also level-up your life, check out this list.  Our amazing partners at Encore.org just put together a summary of three life-changing jobs that are available right now. Here are some of the details:

Want to work in city hall in Albuquerque, N.M.; Birmingham, Ala.; Columbia, S.C.; Ft. Worth, Texas; St. Paul, Minn.; or Tulsa Okla.? And help raise awareness for a cause? Experience Matters is a Cities of Service program in partnership with AARP that draws on the experience and expertise of adults aged 50+ to build stronger cities. AmeriCorps VISTA members will serve for one year in city halls to build capacity and raise awareness for multiple programs.

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How about helping young people in Southern California? Encore says YouthBuild is looking for an AmeriCorps VISTA member to join the team in Southern California. At YouthBuild programs in the United States and across the globe, low-income young people learn construction skills to help build affordable housing and other community assets such as community centers and schools. Right now, YouthBuild in Orange County, California is seeking an AmeriCorps VISTA member to assist with development and fundraising.

And if you are super adventurous? This nonprofit is looking for a CEO willing to move to Vietnam. Encore tells us that STREETS helps orphaned, out-of-school, trafficked and other disadvantaged youth in Vietnam find jobs and futures through vocational hospitality and culinary training. The organization seeks a CEO ready for an encore or mid-career change.

So go for it – apply and tell them our friends at Encore sent you!

Apply: Find out how to apply here on Encore.org.

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