How to get a call back when you apply for a job online

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Have you ever applied for a job online – and never heard back? You are so not alone.

Most companies use automated systems to filter and sort job-applicants resumés – like yours. These algorithms throw out almost 75 percent of the resumés – before a human ever sees them.

Don’t worry though, we got you.

Here are three tips to beat the system:

Use Strategic Keywords

In your experience descriptions, use the same key words mentioned in the job posting. If the employer requires “coordinating experience,” properly use the keyword “coordinate.” The software matches key phrases and words from your resumé to the qualifications.

Don’t Use Fancy Formatting

Make it an easy-to-read Word or .PDF document. Automated systems will throw out any other file types and anything with fancy artwork on it.

Don’t Make Any Spelling Mistakes 

The software terminates resumés it can’t understand. Misspelled words create big problems for the system. Spellcheck your resumé. Then spellcheck it 5 more times.

One more thing – network!

Reach out to friends, or friends-of-friends, to bypass the system entirely. Having a personal voucher is the best way to bump up your resumé and get it in front of a human.

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