What can I do to get myself ready for when the hiring freezes end?

What you can do to get yourself ready for when the hiring freezes end. Advise from Udacity's Kirk Werner in this WorkingNation Overheard video.
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In times of uncertainty, it’s important to look inward and ask ‘how can I better myself’? That’s advice from Kirk Werner, the Vice President of Content for Udacity.

Werner says, “With this kind of global pandemic, we really have the opportunity to rethink learning in the office and the workplace. This gives us the opportunity to understand that not all learning has to be done in person.”

Udacity offers online tech education. With industry impacted by modern technology, companies are looking for employees with the skills that can help them transform their businesses.

Werner says every industry needs employees who can analyze data to help access customer needs. “Workers should be asking, ‘What can I do to get myself ready for when hiring freezes open up—make themselves more attractive to hiring opportunities,” advises Werner.

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